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Welcome to Paranormal T-shirts!

ParanormalTshirts.com is a great place to shop for t-shirts and gifts of the paranormal kind, whether you're a ghost hunter or a goth, an alien abductee or a vampire or zombie, or just know someone who tends to skirt the edge of the known.

All of the creations featured on this site are made by independent designers, all gathered together in one place for easy browsing!

Click a design category below (or in the left column) to begin the hunt...
Sigg Water Bottles
for Ghost Hunters!


The classic gray alien inspires many of these designs, from the serious to the completely goofy.


Flying Saucers, mystery lights, abductions, ack!

Crop Circles

Are the amazing, geometries of crop circles created by aliens or humans or both?


Love hunting for ghosts and orbs and EVPs? Or maybe just hearing spooky stories?

New Age Humor

Gotta take life lightly on the way to enlightenment! Psychics, prophecy, law of attraction, etc.


Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil... eeeek!

Mythical Creatures

Dragons, Unicorns, Wyverns, Manticores, Basilisks, Medusa, and more!

Demons, Exorcism

Demons, Demonology, Exorcism - fascinating and freaky.

Vampires, Goth

The Goth culture, as well as Vampires and everything in between.

The t-shirts & other designs represented on this site are made and priced by various independent artists and designers. If you have any questions about paranormaltshirts.com, feel free to email us.
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